Safety & Disaster Prevention:Tunnel &Underground Space

Nobuharu ISAGO

Assistant Professor:

Research Interests

Tunnel and underground space laboratory have two types of research tasks. One of them is a type of basic and fundamental subjects for practical works. The other is applied studies related to practical works. As these study themes, we take up the matters on construction sites and the topics that become problems. These studies are divided into two groups to pursue. One is performed in cooperation with external organizations, and the others perform as graduation theses, master’s theses and doctoral theses. In our Laboratory, we held weekly presentation for discussion on each study. In addition, we have enhanced our recognition for practical affairs by providing laboratory students with opportunities to experience construction sites in the real world several times in a year.

Research Field:mountain tunneling method, shield tunneling method,
underground space engineering.
Studies Themes:support system, auxiliary method, stability of tunnel face, evaluation of load,
earthquake resistance, neighboring construction, etc.

Titles of master theses and doctoral dissertations

20181.Behavior of tunnel considering the mechanical charactristics of joint between lining and inverted arch concrete
20171.Evaluation method of load for tunnel strcture in frame model analysis
2.Study on collapse behavior of tunnel support structure with distinct element method analysis
3.Mechanical behavior of tunnel near slope
20161.Validity evaluation of curved tunnel face in different excavation method with numerical analysis
2.Stability of curved tunnel face in soft ground with distinct element method analysis

Titles of bachelor theses

20181.Experimental study on deformation mechanism of tunnel with void behind lining
2.Mechanical effect of fore piling with three dimensional numerical analysis
3.Behavior by reinforcement with inverted arch concrete in timber lagging method with numerical analysis
4.Effect of the characteristics of joint on mechanical behavior of shield tunnel structure
20171.Collapse mechanism of mountain tunnel lining by shear deformation
2.Mechanical behavior of neighboring tunnels without pilot tunnel
3.Influence on tunnel behavior by stiffness during unloading stage with FEM analysis
4.Support effect of rockbolt in swelling and squeezing ground condition
20161.Experimental study of collapse behavior of tunnel lining during earthquake
2.Mechanical behavior of joint between lining and inverted arch concrete with numerical analysis
3.Fundamental study of visuaization of road suface deformation with laser measurement of mobile type instrument
4.Behavior in excavation stage for close neighboring tunnel without pilot tunnel