International students

Home countries of international students(from 2010 to date)

The Department of Civil and environment has 40 PhD students and 52
MSc students who have come from overseas since 2010.
Their home countries (and the munber of students) are;
People’s Republic of China (42),
Republic of the Philippines (15),
Socialist Republic of Viet Nam (11),
Republic of India (6),
Republic of Indonesia (6),
Republic of the Union of Myanmar (4),
Republic of Korea(2),
Kingdom of Cambodia (2),
Kingdom of Thailand (1),
Taiwan (1),
Lao People’s Democratic Republic (1) and Mongolia (1).

Comments from graduates

Kim Oliver U. Magtagñob 
Kim Oliver U. Magtagñob (Philippines)

Structural Engineering Laboratory

Being able to pursue graduate studies in Tokyo Metropolitan University through MEXT scholarship is a huge privilege. Studying in a new environment is always a huge challenge but I have felt the support of my professors and fellow students throughout my stay. Through this program, I was able to take courses of my interest which further broaden my understanding and appreciation on the field of civil engineering. For my research, I get to work closely with my professor to progress my study. Aside from this, I also get to exchange ideas with my peers through seminars which helps in improving our respective studies. It is definitely challenging but the thought of contributing to my field keeps me motivated.

Shane Htet Ko
Shane Htet Ko (Myanmar)

Environmental Protection Eng. Laboratory

Different fundamental scientific disciplines combine together in one as environmental engineering. I am a second year doctoral course student from civil and environmental engineering department. I got a chance to learn the advanced technology in water quality analysis at water and environmental engineering laboratory and this experiences are very useful for the improvement of urban water system of my home country. Like a variety of colorful flowers in the garden, our laboratory has students from different backgrounds and it is the place where we can discuss research idea with precious opinions from different point of views. I am delighted to be an environmental scientist and hoping to contribute my ability towards the need of our beloved earth in the future.

Neriezza Olap
Neriezza Olap (Philippines)

Hydraulics Laboratory

I studied in Japan because of my admiration for the advanced environmental hydraulics engineering that was being offered in TMU. In my research, I focused on threedimensional hydrodynamic modeling and through this, I acquired knowledge and skills on field observation, river modeling, and data analysis. This has been possible because our laboratory provides a good research environment offering the complete facilities we need. And despite the wide range of nationalities in the laboratory, the language barrier has never been a limitation for our studies since all seminars, consultations and classes were conducted in English. Additionally, the development of new ideas through a variety of viewpoints and global perspective inspire us to see the field of civil and environmental engineering differently. Overall, this educational experience prepared me to be a globally competent civil engineer as I pursue my career in Japan.