Infrastructure:Infrastructure Management and Policy

Associate Professor: Tomoki ISHIKURA

Research Interests

Research about the relationship between policy and human society requires us to understand behavior of human and society deeply. Economic theory is the academic field which covers above matter. The principle of our research is to consider the policy and human society by means of normative “Models” which describe the society based on economic theory. Economic models are formulated by mathematical way, especially optimization theory. Therefore research in our laboratory begins with learning economics and optimization theory.

Titles of master theses and doctoral dissertations

20181.Estimation of trade barrier and elasticity of substitution for the inter-regional trade in Japan
2.Indirect economic effects of ASEAN open sky policy
20171.On the development of spatial economic impact estimation system “TMUSE”
2.Impacts to interregional commodity flow and freight transport by volcanic ash fall
3.An analysis of cyclic pattern of air passenger demand by deep learning approach
4.Regional accounts of the municipality in Tokyo Metropolitan area
20161.Impalse response analysis on deterioration of infrastructure by DSGE model
2.A computable urban economic model featuring floor market and economy of agglomeration
3.An analysis on factor of demography in Tokyo Metropolitan area
4.Preference bias in the Spatial Computable General Equilibrium model

Titles of bachelor theses

20181.General equilibrium model highlighting the port choice on international trade
2.Exploring the factors influencing land price in Tokyo Metropolitan area based on Hedonic Approach
3.How the land price distribution in Fukuoka City is formed?
4.Preference bias on inter-regional trade in Japan
20171.Consumption characteristics of Inbound tourists
2.A sensitivity analysis on benchmark prices of logit type general equilibrium model
3.Road network connectivity assesssment in case of volcanic eruption
20161.An input-output analysis of ASEAN open sky policy
2.Elasticity of substitution among the variety within the same sector
3.Characteristics of the service trade in Japan
4.Dynamics of land price in the Tokyo Metropolitan area