Safety & Disaster Prevention:Geotechnical Engineering

Yoshiya ODA

Associate Professor:
Mitsutoshi YOSHIMINE

Research Interests

Our group deals with earthquake and volcanic disaster prevention, exploration geophysics, mechanical properties of soil such as liquefaction resistance, and strength and deformation characteristics of soils. We aim to improve safety of urban cities through these varieties of research topics. We are also very active in international research corroborations and communications, and we are accepting numerous students from outside Japan. For more details, please visit the webpages of Soil Mechanics Lab (website temporarily suspended) and

Titles of master theses and doctoral dissertations

20181.Effects of fines content created by particle crushing on the undrained behavior of sand
2.Study on earthquake damege assessment and early damage estimation in Zushi City
3.Estimation of the surface deformation in volcanic area using InSAR analysis
4.Improvement in travel time tomography by use of neural networks
20171.Study on the relationship between slope failures and seismic intensity based on actual damage data
20161.Estimation of S-wave velocity structure in Zushi City using seismic interferometry
2.Development of surface wave analysis method using both Rayleigh wave and Love wave
3.Attenuation characteristics of active faults estimated from earthquake waveform
4.Development of seismic network using low-cost seismograph

Titles of bachelor theses

20181.Comparison of undraind large shear behaviors of sand under simple shear and triaxial compression conditions
2.Undrained shear behavior of Iide sands with various mean particle size
3.Automatic landform classification by use of Self-Organizing-Map
4.Evaluation of Rayleigh wave group velocities in the short period range using seismic interfarometry
20171.More-Coulomb’s failure criterion for anisotorotic geo-material
2.Evaluating steady-state of sand by direct box shear test in constant volume condition
3.Numarical resolution test for the natural earthquake tomography of volcanic islands in Tokyo
4.Estimation of the surface deformation of Kozushima and Mikurajima using InSAR analysis
20161.Evaluating steady-state of Toyoura sand by direct box shear test in constant confining stress
2.Sand particle crushing during cyclic loading
3.Estimation of subsurface structrue and amplification factor in Western Tokyo using microtremor miniature array method
4.High resolution seismic hazard map of Zushi City using Geographic Information System