Environmental Systems:Water and Environmental Engineering

Associate Professor:
Yasuhiro ARAI

Associate Professor:
Hiroshi SAKAI

Research Interests

In our laboratory of sanitary engineering, the computer applications to water-works, sewage-works and studying with the methods of systems analysis and applied mathematics, and also the experiments in a laboratory and the field surveys are assisted. Our subject is a practical study for an ideal future of the urban environment.

Nowadays, a lots of environmental problems in the cities are very complicated, and such problems are difficult to solve only on a viewpoint of civil engineering, therefore we must consider them on the economical and sociological viewpoints and etc. The purpose of our study is to find the compromised better solution for the problems in the fields of water and wastewater engineering and also municipal solid wastes engineering.

Titles of master theses and doctoral dissertations

20181.Study on recycling of municipal waste incineration residue
20171.Optimal layout planning problem of water leakage monitoring sensor for water network and improvement of its formulation
2.Comparative analysis of diameter reduction plans considering flow characteristics in water distribution mains
3.Water leakage detection model utilizing the sensing data of water pipes
4.Influence Factor Analysis In A Reservoir Catchment Area Focusing On Manganese And Total Phosphorus In Soils
20161.Study on water quality management of water supply system by numerical fluid analysis
2.Study on water pressure control for water leakage management in distribution pipe network
3.Evaluation analysis of accident effects in water distribution network using water pipe information system
4.Study on renewal plan of water pipe line considering life cycle

Titles of bachelor theses

20181.Analysis of influential factors regarding daily fluctuation of water usage by application
2.Modeling the decrease in residual chlorine concentration during the water distribution process
3.Degradation of Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate by Advanced Oxidation process Using Collimated UV
4.ReactorEvaluation Indexes for Deterioration Condition and Maintenance Management System for Drinking Water Distribution Pipeline
20171.Trend of water quality of three inflow rivers into Ogouchi reservoir
2.Discrimination of water leaks in water pipelines using a neural network model
3.Analysis of fluctuations in residual chlorine concentration using monitoring data of water distribution network
4.Degradation of Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate by UV-based advanced oxidation process
20161.Examination of economic renewal plan of water distribution network main in a population decline society
2.Analysis of soil characteristics of inflow river in Ogawa Reservoir focusing on manganese and nitrogen
3.Discriminant model for water leak sound data measured in water pipes
4.Modeling on PAC injection rate in coagulation sedimentation process