Professor: Yoshiya ODA

Research Interests

Our laboratory deals with earthquake and volcanic disaster prevention, exploration geophysics. We aim to improve safety of urban cities through these varieties of research topics. We are also very active in international research corroborations and communications, and we are accepting numerous students from outside Japan. For more details, please visit the webpage.


Titles of master theses and doctoral dissertations

2021An attempt to detect events by deep learning on 3D GPR data

Estimation of crack depth in concrete using attenuation effect of surface wave

Three-dimensional crustal structure beneath Kozushima Island using dense seismic observation data

Titles of bachelor theses

2021Estimation of the engineering bedrock shape in the Shonai Plain using microtremor array survey

Surface displacement of Kozushima Island using In-SAR time series analysis

Attenuation characteristics of seismic beneath wave Kozushima Island using twofold spectral ratio method

Hypocenter locations around Kozushima Island using dense seismic observation data