Assistant Professor: Masami YANAGIHARA

Research Interests

Our specialties are traffic engineering, road engineering, urban transportation planning and urban traffic environment. We are investigating the essence of movement, conduct and behavior of people and things that inevitably occurs in human activities. We are aiming at better or the best planning, design and operation of infrastructures on society and the city such as road/public transportation network sustaining the human activities. in order to understand the background.

Research topics:
traffic capacity and transportation services
driving behaviors and traffic flow
traffic accidents and safe driving
traffic demand forecasting/management
environmental assessment of road transportation

Titles of master theses and doctoral dissertations

20181.Accessibility Evaluation of Tokyo Metropolitan Costal Area Considering Migratory Activities
2.Analysis of Influence on Traffic Flow in Tracking Behavior by Moving Light Guide System
3.Performance Comparison Analysis of Signal Intersections with Different Lamp Positions
4.An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Moving Light Guide System on Lane Changes
20171.Analysis of Behavior Conversion on the Metropolitan Expressway Focusing on Changes in Temporal and Spatial Behavior Patterns
2.Simulation Analysis on the Influence of Lane Change and Acceleration & Deceleration Behavior on Traffic Flow
3.A Study on Visibility and Readability of Variable Message Sign Displayed Symbols
20161.Study on Variation Factors of Toei Bus Ridership Using Various Big Data
2.Analysis of Factors of Traffic Accidents on Metropolitan Expressways using Sudden Braking Data
3.Estimation Model of Road Surface Roughness Considering Temporal Changes
4.Impact Analysis of the Moving Light Guide System on the Vehicle's Following Characteristics

Titles of bachelor theses

20181.Study on the Influence of Signal Lamp Position on Right Turn Behavior
2.A DS experiment on the Behavior of Vehicle in Congested Flow Focusing on the Installation Type of Moving Light Guide System
3.Comparative study of Saturation Flow Rate Setting Methods Based on Observation Data
4.Analysis of Lane Change Behavior Focusing on Driving Intention and Biological Reaction
20171.Analysis of Actual Conditions of Passengers Getting off in Consideration of Various Factors in the Tokyo Bus
2.An Experiment on the Behavior of Vehicles in Traffic Jam Focusing on the Installed Range of Moving Light Guide System Using Driving Simulator
3.Complex Analysis of Congestion and Accident Occurrence Probability for the Tomei Yamato Sag Section
4.An Analysis of Relationship Between Driver's Perception of Moving Light Guide System Driving and Behaviors Using Driving Simulator
20161.Analysis of Speed ​​Suppression Effect of a Moving Light Guide System Using ETC 2.0 Probe Data
2.DS Experiment on Driving Behavior at Switching Traffic Signals Focusing on Lamp Position
3.The Effect of Moving Light Guide System in Traffic Jam focused on Acceleration Behaviors Using Driving Simulator
4.The Analysis of Relationship between Lane-Changing Behaviors and Traffic Flow based on Microscopic Traffic Simulation