FIELD / Guide to research fields

Infrastructure Field

StaffPositionResearch Subject

Hiroyuki ONEYAMA
ProfessorTraffic Engineering, Transportation
Planning, Transportation Environmental
Analysis,Traffic Simulation,
Transportation Network Analysis

ProfessorBridgel Engineering, Steel/Composite/
Hybrid Structure, Fatigue, Buckling
Stability, Long-Term Durability
and maintenance

Associate ProfessorInfrastructure Policy, National and
Regional Planning, Macroeconomics
Dynamics, Spatial Economics,
Computable General Equilibrium

Hitoshi Nakamura
Associate ProfessorStructural Engineering, Bridge
Engineering, Structural Characteristics
of Cable-Supported Bridges, Applications
of Advanced Composite
Materials for Infrastructures, Repair and
Strengthening of existing structures

Yusuke KISHI
AssistantProfessorStructural Engineering,
Seismic Engineering,
Disaster Mitigation Engineering

AssistantProfessorTraffic Flow Analysis, Driving Behavior
Modeling, Traffic Simulation, Traffic
Psychology, Information Processing

Environmental system

StaffPosition Research Subject

Yoshiyuki IMAMURA
ProfessorWater Policy, Hydrology, Disaster
Risk Reduction,
Flood Risk Management

Katsuhide Yokoyama
ProfessorEnvironmental Hydraulics,
Sediment Transport and Water
Environment in a Reservoir, a River,
and an Estuary

Yasuhiro ARAI
Associate ProfessorWater Supply Engineering,
Environmental Engineering,
Municipal Solid Waste Management
Planning, Optimization Model

Hiroshi SAKAI
Associate ProfessorWater and Wastewater Engineering,
Water Environment Management,
Water quality management

Associate ProfessorCoastal and Ocean Engineering,
Stratified Flow,
Computational Fluid Dynamics

Azhikodan Gubash
AssistantProfessorHydraulic Engineering, Estuarine
hydro- and morphodynamics,
Cohesive sediment transport,
Phytoplankton dynamics

AssistantProfessorHydrology, River Engineering

Safety & Disaster Prevention

Staff Position Research Subject

Nobuharu ISAGO
ProfessorStability evaluation of ground in
mountain tunneling and shield
tunneling, evaluation of load bearing
capacity of support members,
maintenance methodology, and
design and operation method of
attached facilities of tunnel

ProfessorExploration Geophysics, Engineering
Seismology, Earthquake and
Volcano Disaster Prevention

Atsushi UENO
Associate ProfessorConcrete Engineering and
Material Science, Environmental
Consideration of concrete and
Concrete Making Materials,
Evaluation of Properties of
Concrete Making Materials

Kentaro OHNO
Associate ProfessorConcrete Engineering,
Non-destructive evaluation for
concrete structures,
Elastic wave techniques for concrete

Mitsutoshi YOSHIMINE
Associate ProfessorSoil Mechanics, Laboratory and
Field Tests of Geomaterials,
Soil liquefaction, Stability of Slopes
and Embankments,
Soil Dynamics, Transportation
and Sedimentation of Debris

Tomohisa KAMADA

AssistantProfessorEvaluation of deformation
performance and mechanical behavior
of a tunnel during external force;
Sophistication of tunnel design,
construction and
maintenance technology