Yoshiya ODA

Faculty name
Professor: Yoshiya Oda

Research policy and content

In this laboratory, we are conducting research on earthquake disaster prevention, crustal structure and activity of earthquakes and volcanoes using geophysical surveys.Although the research content is wide-ranging, the purpose is to contribute to the construction of safe cities through these studies.In addition, we are actively engaged in international joint research and accepting international students, and are striving to develop human resources with a rich international outlook.For details, please refer to the website below.

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Master/Doctoral Thesis Theme (FY2021)

Research on improving reliability of chemical injection method by real-time monitoring of resistivity distribution
Event detection of 3D GPR data using 3D-CNN
Surface wave survey and estimation of crack depth in concrete dam
Three-dimensional crustal structure of Hachijojima using dense seismic observation data

Graduation thesis theme (2021)

Estimation of the engineering bedrock shape of the Shonai Plain by microtremor array survey
Surface deformation of Kozushima after 2014 by InSAR time-series analysis
Hypocenter distribution around Kozushima Island by extra-dense microearthquake observation
Attenuation characteristics of seismic waves in Kozushima by double spectral ratio method