Yusuke KISHI

Faculty name
Assistant Professor: Yusuke Kishi

Research policy and content

We are engaged in research on the themes of structural engineering, steel structure engineering, and countermeasures against various natural disasters.Many of the studies involving experiments and actual measurements are difficult to implement within the university, so we are proceeding with studies in cooperation with researchers and engineers outside the university. We hope that the results of each study will be returned to society as good results.

  • Compressive Strength Evaluation of Column Members of Steel Bridge Superstructure
  • Evaluation of remaining performance of steel bridges with corrosion damage
  • Evaluation of influence on overall behavior by constitutive law of steel bridge members subjected to repeated action
  • Evaluation of the impact of deterioration of bearing functions on behavior of entire bridges during earthquakes
  • A study on crowd evacuation behavior during tsunami disasters
  • A Study on Group Evacuation Behavior during Volcanic Disasters in Island Areas

Disclosure of research achievements