Yasuhiro ARAI

Faculty name
Associate Professor: Yasuhiro Arai

Research policy and content

The environmental engineering group takes up urban problems related to water supply, sewerage, and waste in the major theme of water and the environment, and conducts research centered on computer analysis using the concept of systems analysis and applied mathematics methods. At the same time, we carry out verification through indoor experiments and field surveys as necessary, and carry out practical studies with the ideal future urban environment in mind.

Specifically, we conduct practical research using statistical analysis, optimization methods, time-series analysis, experimental analysis, etc., targeting issues related to survey, analysis, prediction, and planning in civil engineering (urban infrastructure and environmental engineering). We have published the results obtained from numerous papers and lectures.

The purpose of my research is to help solve complex environmental problems in Tokyo and other cities. We are working day and night to

Master/Doctoral thesis theme

Research on Recycling of Municipal Waste Incineration Residue

Major Graduation Thesis Themes

Influence factor analysis on daily variation of water consumption by use

Modeling of residual chlorine concentration reduction in water transmission and distribution processes

Decomposition effect of LAS by accelerated oxidation treatment using parallel light UV irradiation device

Examination and analysis of evaluation indicators for aging and maintenance of water pipelines