Faculty name
Associate Professor: Tetsuya Shintani

Research policy and content

The Coastal and Marine Engineering Laboratory conducts research on the environment and disaster prevention in coasts, coastal areas, and closed water areas.The main research subjects are internal waves and their breaking waves in stratified waters, material transport in closed waters, salt water intrusion in estuaries, and wave deformation in coastal areas.Our research methods are mainly laboratory experiments and numerical simulations, but we are gradually starting field observations.Regarding numerical simulation, we are developing our own flow model based on the finite volume method, finite element method, particle method, and lattice Boltzmann method.In addition, we are also working on river water level prediction and lake wind prediction by machine learning (LSTM), and wave and weather analysis using SWAN and WRF models.In the future, we plan to actively incorporate the knowledge and technology required for problem solving in various water areas without limiting the research theme.

Master/Doctoral thesis theme

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are doctoral dissertation themes

Major Graduation Thesis Themes

Factor Analysis of Tsunami Inundation Damage in the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake

Numerical analysis of nonlinear long-wave equations using the discontinuous Galerkin method

Development of SPH method with spatio-temporal variable numerical scheme

2nd Mode Internal Wave Mass Transport and Wave Breaking Characteristics on Slopes

Investigation of water temperature observation technology for closed water areas using satellite and UAV thermal imaging