Mitsutoshi YOSHIMINE

Faculty name
Associate Professor: Mitsutoshi Yoshimine

Research policy and content

In our laboratory, we are conducting research on elucidating the mechanical properties of soil such as the liquefaction properties of sand through laboratory experiments and numerical analyses, as well as research on the strength and deformation of soil and the bearing capacity of the ground.Although the contents of the research are wide-ranging, the aim is to contribute to the construction of safe cities through these studies.In addition, we are actively engaged in international joint research and accepting international students, and are striving to develop human resources with a rich international outlook.

Master/Doctoral thesis theme

Effect of Fine Grain Fraction Caused by Particle Fracture on Undrained Shear Behavior of Sand

Major Graduation Thesis Themes

Comparison of undrained large deformation behavior of sand under simple shear and triaxial compression
Undrained shear properties of four types of Iide silica sand with different average grain sizes