Kentaro OHNO

Faculty name
Associate Professor: Kentaro Ohno

Research policy and content

In our laboratory, we are working on research that focuses on the maintenance and management of concrete structures.In particular, we are studying methods for inspecting and investigating the inside of concrete, centering on methods using elastic waves.

Some of our research themes include:

  • Research on residual prestress estimation method for prestressed concrete by non-destructive testing method
  • Evaluation of structure formation process of concrete under steam curing and research on structure formation inhibition factors
  • A Study on Strength Estimation Method of Tunnel Lining Concrete by Nondestructive Test Method
  • Research on Position Location Method Considering Velocity Variation of Acoustic Emission (AE) Method

In addition, we are conducting experiments and discussions jointly with Associate Professor Atsushi Ueno's laboratory, which is characterized by a wide understanding of concrete.

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Master/Doctoral thesis theme

  • Development of concrete stress estimation method by ultrasonic method
  • A Study on Debonding Detection Method at Reinforcing Bar-Concrete Interface by Shock Elastic Wave Method
  • Fundamental Study of Reinforcement Debonding Detection Method for RC Members by Shock Elastic Wave Method

Major Graduation Thesis Themes

  • A Study on Velocity Change Rate of Ultrasonic Waves with Different Propagation Directions and Stress in Concrete
  • Relationship between Compressive Strength and Elastic Wave Propagation Characteristics of Young Concrete
  • Investigation of discontinuity depth and crack depth of horizontal joint surface of concrete dam frame by impact elastic wave method