Faculty name
Assistant Professor: Kousuke Kawata

Research policy and content

The Tunnel and Underground Space Group conducts basic research that forms the basis of practical work and applications, and applied research that links to practical work.In particular, we take up phenomena that have recently become a problem in the field and phenomena that are considered useful for engineering judgment as research subjects.These research themes are categorized into two, depending on the content: research conducted within the university as research themes such as graduation thesis, and research conducted jointly with external organizations.In carrying out research, as a general rule, students are expected to work on their own initiative. Presentations are made at seminars, etc., and questions are asked by all participants.In addition, we actively conduct site visits and external presentations so that students can clearly recognize the position of their research themes in practice.

Research content: Roughly speaking, we are conducting research on mountain tunnel construction, shield tunnel construction, and underground space engineering.In research on mountain tunnel construction methods, there are themes related to ground stability, support structures, auxiliary construction methods, and maintenance and management methods such as inspections.In addition, in research on shield tunnel construction methods, research on basic behavior and durability of structures, and in research on underground space engineering, we set and research themes related to tunnel ancillary facilities.

Master/Doctoral thesis theme

A Study on Tunnel Behavior Considering Mechanical Properties of Joints of Lining and Invert

Major Graduation Thesis Themes

Experimental Consideration on Deformation Mechanism of Tunnel with Backward Cavity
Consideration on the effect of advance construction based on 3D numerical analysis
Analytical Study on Invert Reinforcement of Tunnel in Sheet Pile Method
A Study on Joint Properties on Mechanical Behavior of Shield Tunnels