Faculty name
Professor: Jun MURAKOSHI

Research policy and content

This research group is conducting research with the aim of improving the performance of civil engineering structures and streamlining design, construction, and maintenance management, with a focus on bridges.In particular, with the keywords of safety, economy, functionality, durability, and harmony with the environment of civil engineering structures, we aim to realize high-performance new infrastructure and rational maintenance and preservation systems for existing structures. It is a challenge to construction and urban regeneration.The main recent themes are:

  • Development of new, long and ultra-long suspension bridges
  • Development of a new structural system for suspension bridges
  • Development of structural design method
  • Rationalization of steel/composite/composite bridges and development of stiffening design method
  • Development of evaluation method for durability (residual strength) of bridges and members and maintenance management system
  • Development of bridge structures using fiber reinforced plastic (FRP)
  • Development of repair/reinforcement methods for existing steel structures
  • Evaluation and Conservation of Modern Civil Engineering Heritage Bridges

Master/Doctoral thesis theme

Research on countermeasures focusing on low-frequency sound generation sites and vertical secondary mode vibrations in steel girder highway bridges*

A Study on Deterioration Characteristics and Durability Evaluation of Adhesive Joints of Steel Deck SFRC Pavement

Research on Repair and Reinforcement by CFRP Adhesion Using VaRTM Forming of Steel Girder Edges with Section Defects

Development of Joint Structure for Inspection Road for GFRP Truss Girder Type Bridge and Evaluation of Shear Strength of GFRP Channel Members

Major Graduation Thesis Themes

Initiation and Propagation of Fatigue Cracks and Fatigue Strength in Welds between Steel Deck Slabs and Main Girder Vertical Stiffeners

Shear fatigue strength characteristics of adhesive joints in steel deck SFRC pavement

Development of Repair Method for Floating Production Equipment Using CFRP Adhesion Using VaRTM Molding

Development of GFRP Inspection Path with Integrally Molded Sandwich Panel Floor Slab