Azhikodan Gubash

Faculty name
Assistant Professor: Gubash Azhikodan

Research policy and content

The Hydraulics Laboratory conducts research on water and sediment dynamics in inland waters.Rivers are arteries that connect rivers from headwaters to the coast, but it is said that crossing structures such as dams and estuary weirs disrupt the continuous flow of water and sediment, affecting ecosystems and topography.Therefore, in our laboratory, we are conducting research on the following themes with the aim of coexistence between humans and nature.

  1. Research on sediment production processes in watersheds
  2. Research on sedimentation, water flow and eutrophication in dam reservoirs
  3. Research on sediment dynamics and riverbed changes in river channels
  4. Research on topography and sediment formation mechanism in estuaries

We are working on clarifying the aquatic environment by combining field observations, hydraulic experiments, and numerical simulations.We are also developing new measuring instruments necessary for observation.
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Master/Doctoral thesis theme

Effect of Lake Wind on Water Temperature and Velocity Distribution in Reservoir Three-Dimensional Simulation
Nitrate removal process in saline marshes created by the earthquake disaster
Field observations and numerical calculations of flow and material transport characteristics in Kesennuma Bay
Transport volume of sediment and cesium by particle size in the Kesennuma Bay Basin

Major Graduation Thesis Themes

Correlation analysis of riverbed changes and drilling projects in the lower Arakawa basin
Study on spatio-temporal changes in salinity, DO, and SS and odor at the confluence of the Shakujii and Sumidagawa rivers
Long-term analysis of the effect of intake depth on water temperature and quality in the Ogochi Reservoir
Estimation of phytoplankton abundance by type in Kesennuma Bay