Atsushi UENO

Faculty name
Associate Professor: Atsushi Ueno

Research policy and content

In our laboratory, we understand the various characteristics of cement, aggregates, admixtures, etc. that make up concrete, which is the main material of structures, and technology to improve various properties of fresh / hardened concrete and technology to improve durability. I am researching aboutIn addition, in light of changes in social trends, we have positioned environmental conservation and harmony with the environment as one of the main pillars of our research agenda, and are working to make effective use of resources.

For example, basic research on using slag, which is disposed of as industrial waste from the steel industry, as an aggregate or substitute for cement, and the performance of using waste (coal ash) generated from coal-fired power plants as a substitute for cement. Evaluation is in progress.

Furthermore, we are investigating the various properties of concrete that uses eco-cement, which is manufactured using waste incineration ash, and are promoting research to transition to a recycling-oriented society.The era is shifting from new construction to renewal.Our challenge is to build high-quality structures, extend the life of structures, and keep them in service for as long as possible.Evaluating the degree of influence of various factors that control durability is essential for the rational design of future maintenance and management and new structures.Against this background, we are studying durability evaluation methods from the cement chemistry point of view, and are also conducting research on repair and reinforcement technologies.

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Master/Doctoral thesis theme

Effect of Sprinkling Water During Steam Curing on Pore Structure of Precast Concrete Products
Investigation on Applicability of Super Hard Mixed Concrete for Paving Using Ecocement and Recycled Aggregate
Effect of Interface Properties on Shear Bond Strength of Existing Concrete and Section Repair Material
Analytical Study on Pore Flow Behavior of Gap Filling Mortar

Major Graduation Thesis Themes

Evaluation of Quality Fluctuations in Cover Part Accompanying Compaction of Concrete
A Study on Velocity Change Rate of Ultrasonic Waves with Different Propagation Directions and Stress in Concrete
Effects of hardening admixtures on setting and post-hardening properties of mortars
Fundamental study on properties of short organic fibers and dispersion in paste