Urban infrastructure/exchange meeting was held 

A "community meeting" was held on September 9th at the Department of Urban Infrastructure and Environmental Studies. 

The networking event consisted of three parts: the first part was an introduction to the laboratory, the second part was a networking event between students and young graduates, and the third part was a civil engineering networking event. 

In the first part, introducing the laboratories, students who have already been assigned to the laboratories (1th year and above) asked mainly third-year students about the research content and initiatives of each laboratory, and the real faces of their teachers.etc. were introduced.The research content of each laboratory is different, as well as the methods they focus on, such as experiments, numerical analysis, and field work, making it easy for students to find content that matches their interests. Moreover, your student life will also be fulfilling. 

In addition, the second part, the young people's exchange meeting, carried on the same venue as the first part, and alumni of each academic field and department introduced the initiatives of each institution and company, the contents of their employment opportunities, and their experiences.For current students, one of the purposes is to have them recognize their role and how they can interact with society in the future through communication with their seniors.We also hope that by sharing their current work styles, Tokyo Metropolitan University graduates themselves will be able to reaffirm that they are contributing to society in the position they are in, and that this will give them an opportunity to make great strides in the future. I am.A large number of alumni and current students gathered at the meeting, and they were not confined to the large lecture hall, but were divided into their own lecture rooms, where they actively interacted and said that it was a valuable experience for both of them. 

Furthermore, the third part, the civil engineering exchange meeting, was held at the civil engineering experiment yard by students, faculty and staff from the Department of Urban Infrastructure and Environmental Studies.Previously, it was held as a civil engineering barbecue, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, starting last year, it was held in an open-air format.Although there were whispers of simultaneous outbreaks of the new coronavirus and influenza this year, many people participated and we were able to spend a meaningful time safely.Some said that it was an opportunity for them to enjoy interactions that transcended different laboratories, grades, and positions, as well as frank conversations with international students.


XNUMX.Laboratory introduction status
XNUMX.Status of young people exchange meeting (Part XNUMX)
XNUMX.Status of young people exchange meeting (Part XNUMX)
XNUMX.Civil engineering exchange meeting