Graduate School Entrance Examination Briefing for Master's Course

*For the graduate school entrance examination briefing session for the master's course,Wednesday, April 2023, 5 10:15Than,Online via ZoomDo it with
 ・For those who wish to participate outside the university, please contact the following contact information.I will inform you of the meeting ID at a later date.
 ・In the case of on-campus, the meeting ID will be notified later through the supervisor of the assigned laboratory.
*If you would like to know about the research contents of the laboratory, please consult with your prospective supervisor.
*For details on the entrance examination, please check the application guidelines..Please note that the contents of the application guidelines are subject to change, so please check the websites of the university, the Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences, and our school from time to time.

*Contact: Y-arai, Graduate School Admissions Officer
(Please change ● to @ when sending an e-mail.)
(Please write "Graduate school entrance examination" as the subject of the email to be sent.)